There are various weapons in New World, and each weapon has its own advantages, disadvantages and gameplay. Today I will introduce you to Spear’s gameplay and functions. 


As a melee weapon, the spear has some long-range options. Both close-range and long-range attacks of this weapon have their own advantages. Since the spear itself cannot provide enough consistent damage, the Impaler Tree can only be supplemented by the range activation option, so that throwing spears is mostly used in PVP mode.

Whether in PVE or PVP, only weapons are very suitable. Because it provides a lot of effective crowd control and a variety Buy New World Coins of states, it can have an overwhelming effect on your opponents.

In the early weapon upgrades of the game, since Zoner Tree provides less, it uses Impaler Tree to compare better options. Once you get extra points, Sweep is very useful as a picker. In addition, Javelin can provide a niche use to pull the mob out of the deep water to better fight it.

The skill attributes of the spear are similar to those of Sword and Shield, and they all change with Dexterity and Strength. Among them, for the spear, the scaling stat provided by Dexterity is more important than Strength. Spears can be combined with bows or muskets to become a good melee weapon, which enables effective crowd control. This is mainly to use Dexterity's scaling capabilities. If it has lower Strength scaling, it is easier to match with most melee weapons.

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