The expedition update for Path of Exile has just landed, and players have reacted differently to it so far. The developers also responded to some of the most common criticism points and explained some of the changes in the game. There are many POE Currency in the expedition, and Grinding Gear Games believes that this is suitable for the current content design, but more broadly, they know that there are too many types of fragments in Path of Exile, which leads to some drawbacks of the game.

Path of Exile’s Expedition project has about 20 original Path of Exile currency, which are controlled by four different vendors. The purpose of the developer to do this is to encourage players to spend more time at different suppliers and will Buy POE Currency. The most important thing is that they think that this will make players feel that the supplier uses so many paths of Exile currency items, which makes them more interested in the game.

Secondly, when players encounter danger during the game, they will immediately hide the currency in the expedition locker. However, due to the diversity of currency types, it will bring some additional inconvenience to players. They even complained that storing so many Path of Exile currency is an annoying job. At the same time, the developers also admitted that there are too many types of fragments in Path of Exile, and there are indeed drawbacks.

Currently, expedition suppliers are getting some quality of life improvements, so the supplier window will show the number of running artifacts currently owned by the player. Rog, Tuen and Daning’s re-investments in Path of Exile have also been promoted.