Later this week, a new update plan for Genshin Impact will be launched simultaneously with Gamescom 2021. This update is not an actual update for the game. Developer MiHoYo will change it to simply update fans about what they plan to appear in free games in the future.

On social media, host and producer Jeff Keighley revealed the news. He said that Geshin Impact will participate in an event called Gamescom Opening Night Live hosted by himself, the world's largest gaming conference. He said that this will be "special news updates." But he did not  Buy Genshin Impact Accounts make it clear what game-related content will be specifically displayed at the event. This means that we should go to the original god to see the future content. But Keighley mentioned something about some other games that will appear during the opening night live broadcast of Gamescom. The appearance of the new Saints Row restart and the "Call of Duty:  Vanguard" released just a few days ago are included in the games that have been announced so far.

If you want to hear more about Genshin Impact that will be released this week, you can pay close attention to the official Twitter of Genshin Impact. Before that, you can play Genshin Impact on your PS4, PS5, mobile device or PC first. In addition, Genshin Impact's Nintendo Switch version is also under development, but we still don't know its release date.

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