Features of pepper transplanter


  Vegetable Planter consists of a single planting group, each group is driven by ground wheels, and can be used in conjunction with tractors of different sizes to form a 2-6 row transplanter with the characteristics of building blocks. Next, I will share with you the characteristics of the pepper transplanter:

   1. Rotating cup feeder:

   There is a valve under each feed cup of the transplanter. The opening and closing of the valve is controlled by a cam mechanism. When the feeding cup rotates above the seedling guide tube, the cam mechanism opens to make the seedlings fall, and then closes. When the feeding cup is closed, the seedlings can be fed, which increases the manual feeding time and enables fast and continuous feeding operations. It can feed 60-70 plants per minute. This is currently a faster device. Due to the limited manual feeding frequency, 70 plants per minute were fed with a rotating feeding cup.

   2. Grid seedling raising device:

  The seedling falls from the tube, and falls into the seedling ditch opened by the trencher through the channel formed by the seedling support rod. Under the support of the seedling support rod, the seedling will not fall in other directions and stay in an upright state. When the opener advances, the soil flowing back from the tail of the opener covers the roots of the seedlings to form a covering soil. At this time, the seedling support rods were also buried in the soil. When the transplanter moves forward, two layers of mulch are formed and the soil is compacted. At this time, the seedling support rod moves upward relative to the seedling to continue to support the seedling to prevent the seedling from being submerged or buried by the soil during the covering and compaction process. As the machine moves forward, the seedling support rod is gradually separated from the seedling, the seedling support task is completed, and the seedling planting process ends. The invention greatly improves the verticality of sowing seedlings and the stability of sowing quality.

  3. Seedling guide tube:

   Seedling guide tube is used to transport the seedlings to the bottom of the ditch. Since the movement of the seedling in the seedling guide tube is not mandatory, it is not easy to cause damage to the seedling, which is different from the pliers of the Manual Seeder. Combined with the research and development of universal transplanting machines, formulate universal and wearing parts standards to improve the interchangeability of universal transplanting machines. The transplanter is designed for crops with other agronomic requirements to increase the versatility of the transplanter. Realize one machine with multiple functions and improve the utilization rate of pepper transplanter.