In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, because players can use various materials to make items, the game becomes more interesting. Pumpkins have become one of the newest items that can be crafted on Animal Crossing Island.

Pumpkins  Buy Animal Crossing Items play a vital role during the game's autumn update. They can be used to make various autumn-themed limited-time items.

Before planting pumpkins, players can only purchase pumpkins or seeds from Nook's Cranny or Leif in October. Their price is usually between 140 and 280 bells, and the price depends on who you buy from. Players can also obtain pumpkins from villagers or by giving Jack more than 2 candies.

Once the player has a pumpkin, he can start planting pumpkins. Watering can get more pumpkins that have been planted. The growth time of the pumpkins takes about four days. When the mature pumpkins are picked, it will take two days for the new pumpkins to re-grow at the same location. Of course, the care provided for pumpkins can also affect regeneration. Planting a pumpkin of a specific color will produce a pumpkin of that color for the player. There are four different colors of pumpkins: orange, yellow, white and green.

Pumpkins are indispensable for making various Halloween-themed DIY recipes, including some seasonal Halloween-themed furniture. Some of these projects include: spooky table, spooky rug, spooky carriage and spooky flooring, and spooky tower. After October, these items will be part of the Halloween update, allowing players to craft them.

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