Automated Injection plastic mold is useful throughout a wide variety of industries and applications. Common uses for automated processes include:

Loading and unloading. The loading and unloading process for plastic injection molding machines uses a lot of space if left to manual processes. Robots can create an ideal working environment that efficiently operates in constrained areas and can load or unload the machines without the risk of human error. Automated machinery also uses the same amount of shot material per cycle, so the products are uniform and exact.
Vision inspection and quality control. Humans can oversee inspection processes through the use of robotics and automation. Robots can orient the parts, use sensors to determine if there are any dimensional errors, and more.
Assembly/sorting/stacking. Robotic systems can complete complex tasks after the mold stage. These tasks include welding to build assemblies, sorting and arranging parts for kits or packaging processes, and more. These capabilities further reduce the risk of error and speed up the order completion cycle.
Secondary processes. Molded products often require secondary operations, such as decorating and labeling. Smart systems can employ side-entry injection molding robots to perform these tasks quickly and accurately.

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