If you belong to the retail industry, you should be aware of the importance of packaging and its influence to make your business one of a kind in a huge competition. It has an enormous impact on your overall business success. 


Packaging is not something that you should take for granted. It speaks for your brand and makes people remember you for future purchases. The packaging design you choose for your product boxes illustrates who you are as a brand and also showcases your product. 


If you want to be distinguished in the vast race of competition, then you should come up with a unique packaging design. In such a saturated retail market, creativity and exclusiveness will set you apart from your competition. It does not matter if you are a small business owner or own a large enterprise. You need the customized packaging if you want to maximize your target customers and generate revenues. 


One great way to do this is to order the wholesale custom packaging. It is not only cost-effective but also will be beneficial for you in the long run. It is important that you follow the contemporary packaging design for your product boxes. Improvise your packaging with the trendy and latest designs and make your products distinguished in the market. 


In this blog post, we have compiled a list of packaging design ideas that you can take inspiration from. Pick out the one that suits your products and let your business reach the heights of unimaginable success. 


Play with Colors with Efficacy


We all know that the colors used on the packaging boxes have the potential to trigger the emotions of customers. Hence, the notion that packaging helps you connect with your customers becomes true. 


You can choose to be minimalistic in design, or you can add vibrant colors to help your product pop up on the retail shelves. The design depends on the nature of your products. For instance, if you are selling toys for kids, you should add vibrant colors to the toys boxes to attract your audience. 


However, if you intend to sell some food items, then you should be minimalistic and simple with your design and choose the mono-colored boxes. The latest trend in packaging is that you can choose to add block printing on the packaging. It is unique and gives an exclusive look to your boxes. 

You can add two or more colors if you want to have a block printing texture to the boxes. The colors and illustrations on your packaging help you show your brand’s message and the philosophy of your products. 


With the efficient graphic design on the boxes, you do not really have to focus on the text. You can explain everything through the illustration. It is always a better idea to know the psychology of colors and use them wisely on the boxes. You can have different experiments on the packaging until you reach the perfect color hues. 


Also, you can take inspiration from different sources. For example, you can look on Pinterest and other digital platforms. Furthermore, what you can do is to look at the giant enterprises, like Coca-Cola and other such brands, and try to know their brand story and they are portraying it through the packaging of their products. 


Use Various Shapes in Boxes 


The customization allows you to personalize the boxes in any way you want. You can turn your boring products into an interesting one with the inculcation of unique packaging. For example, you can have different shapes inboxes. Also, you can add a geometry shape design on the packaging boxes to give them an alluring and enticing look. 


You can go for the hexagonal boxes, cylindrical boxes, window boxes, and many more. The shape you choose is quite necessary if you want to climb the ladder of success and also to be distinguished from your counterparts. 


Choose the design that is totally exclusive and totally yours. In this way, customers will recognize your brand through the large crowd, and hence, it will lead to more sales and an increase in the customers base. 


Go Simplistic and Minimalistic 


The latest trend in packaging design is highly about being simple in design. The minimalistic design makes your product boxes look clean and subtle. The simple design gives customers a breathing space, and they will be more likely to buy your products. 


Never overdo the packaging design and try to choose subtle colors and neat designs. If you take the example of Apple, they package their gadgets in such minimalistic designed boxes, yet they are distinguishable among the huge competition. 


Minimalism gives an artistic look to your packaging and becomes a recognizable benchmark of your brand. 


Give Your Packaging a Transparent Look 


It is always a great idea to give your customers a little sneak peek of products through the packaging. The contemporary trends say that you should opt for the kinds of boxes that are transparent and display your product from the outer packaging. 


This idea is often used in the food industry. For example, if you are a home baker, you can opt for the display boxes. They will not only showcase your bakery items from the outer window but will also give a great aesthetic look. 


You can showcase your brownies, cupcakes, and homemade cookies through the window boxes. Make your products presentable enough so that you can make them shine through the boxes alone. 


The Final Word 


The packaging design is the first and foremost thing that you need to take into consideration before jumping to the packaging process. Make your packaging design striking enough that it becomes your benchmark. 


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