There is something so special about a custom designed piece of jewelry. The feeling of owning and wearing jewelry that is unique and one-of-a-kind is a feeling like no other; finding the jeweler who can aid in picking out that perfect piece of jewelry is essential to shopping experience. For those discerning buyers of jewelry, here are the five best shops for custom jewelry in Chicago.To get more news about personalized projection necklace, you can visit official website.

Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry has been in their location for over 20 years and is known for its exceptional service. Christopher, the owner, has over 40 years experience and is a goldsmight and graduate gemologist. Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry offers custom jewelry of the highest craftsmanship and they happily consult with customers to make sure they are meeting their customer’s needs and requests. Be sure to check out their website and click the custom jewelry link to see their thorough design process.

Windy City Diamonds are well-known in the Chicago area for their custom designed engagement rings at reasonable prices. They recommend to their customers to bring in ideas, pictures and as many questions as possible to start the design process. A meeting with a personal jeweler at Windy City Diamonds will initiate the custom design process. This fine jeweler prides itself in keeping the customer highly involved throughout the design process and it is possible for rings to completed in as early as two to three weeks depending on the ring.

Ethan Lord Jewelers tradition has been and continues to be designing exquisite custom jewelry that is one-of-a-kind. They have been in Chicago since 1998 and they manufacture all their jewelry on site. They strive for private, in-depth consultations and makes them very different from the traditional retail jeweler. They recently moved to their private client salon in the Mallers Building so that they could serve their clients with even more attention and care.

dimend SCAASI specializes in custom diamond wedding pieces and also necklaces and earrings. They emphasize excellent style along with outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. It is recommended to make an appointment by phone or online so that a representative can help to find the perfect type of custom jewelry.

Holtzmann’s is a family owned jewelry store located in Lincoln Park, and its small size makes it cozy and intimate. They opened their store in 1997 and have gained a very loyal following of customers. They offer custom designed jewelry like no other and their list of designers are impressive. Holtzmann’s believes in meticulous detailing, exceptional customer service and value for the money.