If you’re like many people, you likely had a name bracelet as a child or teen. These cute, custom pieces make great gifts, and from charms with your loved one’s initials to traditional name bracelets, rings, and necklaces, I still love making these items. However, I take these fun custom jewelry pieces to the next level with high quality materials, unique designs, and styles that make a statement. Keep reading to learn a little more about how HotMixCold takes personalized jewelry to new levels.To get more news about photo projection bracelet, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.

You know those name bracelets and necklaces I was just talking about? What if I could take that a step farther? What if you could turn a handwritten note to a loved one into a beautiful necklace or bracelet with your own handwriting? Well, now you can do just that. Write a short note like, “Believe in Yourself,” and I’ll turn your handwritten message of love into a beautiful statement bracelet. Want to remind your loved ones every day, “I’m thinking of you?” I’ll create a perfect keepsake bar necklace they will see every day.

Layering is an on-trend look, but if you’ve ever purchased a “ready to wear” layered necklace you may find yourself feeling like the necklace is too long or too short for the look you’re going for. With personalized layered necklaces, you can create a unique look that falls to the perfect length.

On your special day, you want to find the right earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces to compliment your dress and entire wedding design. I can partner with you to make exactly what you want, so you don’t have to settle for close enough when it comes to your bridal jewelry. Don’t forget the rest of the bridal party. We can make gifts and jewelry your bridal party can wear during the ceremony.

In addition to these unique designs and collections, we can also partner to create jewelry that is fitted to you, so your necklace is the perfect length for your collar line. You can rest assured your fitted ring or bracelet will stay put no matter what you do. Want to tell the story of your friendship, love, or support? Let’s make a unique charm bracelet that has custom pieces that could only be telling your story.

You know what you like, and I have the knowledge to help you create custom jewelry pieces you’ll love showing off. There are some great options available for you to choose from in my shop, but if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, send me an email directly or complete the online form. I’ll be happy to work with you one on one to design and craft something you’ll really love.