The world of Azeroth has survived many attempts to destroy it, but it may have finally come across the match.To get more news about Buy World of Warcraft Gold, you can visit official website.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been the champion of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre for almost 20 years, but the crowned head is starting to get heavier. Activision-Blizzard accounts for 29% of the total active player base, according to Blizzard’s first quarter 2021 financial report. Bleeding In the last 3 years.Two million Players have reportedly quit Blizzard’s gaming portfolio since Blizzard announced its fourth-quarter 2020 results. And this all happens shortly after the many major public relations disasters that “Blizzard Vision” has inflicted on itself (as some players call it).

Blizzard, the “gold standard” of the gaming industry, seems to be steadily declining since it merged with Activision.Everything from that miserable exposure Diablo: Immortal -Mobile game that caused big fan backlash at Blizzcon-Banning top-notch Hearthstone players Blitzchung Supporting Hong Kong’s democratic movement undermined the previously pure white brilliance of Hong Kong.In addition, reports of bad work conditions And large-scale layoffs have made the company’s morale the lowest ever.

However, nothing seems to hurt Blizzard as much as the extended version of World of Warcraft, which has been criticized by longtime players as “lazy” and “grabbing cash.”Recent extensions to the game -Shadowlands- Rubbed Many players are going in the wrong direction. Blizzard’s focus on shifting games to accommodate casual and mobile users, as well as the lack of story, is beginning to have a serious negative impact on the hardcore player base.
With over 2 million followers on Twitch and 689,000 subscribers on YouTube, Asmon Gold made a major escape to its rival MMO when it started streaming its 11-year-old game from publisher Square Enix. Prompted. Mark Kern, a former World of Warcraft lead developer, said on Twitter:

“So when Asmon Gold began to step into WoW’s alternatives, interviewed Final Fantasy content creators, and finally played it on his own stream, Blizzard didn’t realize what was going on, he believed. Didn’t. They were monopoly.

In the streaming world, it’s important to note that gamers quickly jump to the next “hottest” trend in order to direct their viewers to their stream.And with the “impressive gold” of Asmon Gold in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the game became massive. Inflow Of “great refugees”.

So many, FINAL FANTASY XIV has begun to break the simultaneous player record on Steam. But its sudden popularity is not without its problems. Many players find that the game’s server is constantly full, making it difficult to log in and play the game.Even in Final Fantasy European server Swap players to “endless cues” in a free trial of the game.

However, the sudden rise in popularity of FINAL FANTASY XIV with the transition from World of Warcraft shows one very important thing-“Blizzard vision” takes World of Warcraft fans for granted. Considered, players are beginning to rebel.