Are you aware of the Nicoo app?

If you are not aware of getting free skins to Free Fire, just come up with Nicoo, the best Android application to get Free Fire skins without diamonds. 

Yes, you heard correct, Nicoo is a skin injecting app working on Android devices. The main purpose of the Nicoo app is to provide skins to the Free Fire game.

How Nicoo app really work?

Nicoo running in a simple process to provide skins. What really happens on Nicoo is, the Nicoo app allows you to open Free Fire through the Nicoo app while uploading skins to the Free Fire game that are installed locally on your device. 

Your device automatically gets all of the available skins to your local drive. It is easy and fast to load those skins as they are stored locally. So unlike other alternatives, the Nicoo is fast.

How to download Nicoo apk?

You can find Nicoo apk on Google as it is not available on Google play to regular download. So find a secure source to get the Nicoo apk to your device.