Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently released an update that contains a lot of cool content. Players saw new edible foods for the first time. In addition, the game also added other similar things. Players like to try and play with them very much.

The gaming community may have a lot of excitement because of having these three new unique tools. Players have also asked for a lot of things to hold in the past few months, and their requirements  Buy ACNH Bells seem to be met by the developers. The following will introduce you to three interesting new tools provided in this update.

The first is Holdable Lanterns and Spooky Treats Baskets. A fixable lantern will appear in the game later this year. This item will arrive at the beginning of November as a new seasonal item for the Lantern Festival. Although it has no purpose, it has many customization options, and players may be crazy about its design. It has different versions of designs including the moon, stars, and stained glass.

In addition, a new DIY recipe will also be available for players to use. The recipe of the spooky treats basket will be used by players as part of the Halloween festival in October. You can make it with orange pumpkins and candies. Because it has no time lock, players can now travel to Halloween to make it. Although it is not very useful, when the spooky season comes, it may be interesting for the villagers to wear it.

The news that new light sticks will be added to the game was also discovered by data miners. However, many details have yet to be revealed, and players cannot have it yet. However, it seems that "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" will eventually receive a color version they currently have. The game currently has a yellow hue light stick. After the next update, the colorful variant may be launched immediately.

It seems that players will be able to receive a lot of amazing and interesting items to hold. This type of customizable items has been requested by players for a long time, and now, developers are already launching more products.

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