It's finally time for our first content call in TBC Classic, and it's stuffed with content.

Phase 2 of TBC goes to holdup all the content that was live when TBC launched in its original form, but was omitted for traditional. We'll be getting the Tier 5 raids, new daily quests hubs, engineering goggles, and far more! during this guide, we'll have a look at everything new confirmed.

Two new raids
That's right, folks. SSC and Tempest Keep (The Eye) will are available Phase 2 giving us Tier 5. Both raids are 25-player, meaning we're through with smaller 10-player raid groups with Tier 5. Of the 2 raids, the larger is Serpentshrine Cavern, with six bosses within the WOW Classic TBC Gold raid. The smaller of the 2, Tempest Keep, features just the four bosses.
The new raid exposes players to Tier 5 loot drops, something that was originally a part of the TBC release, however, Blizzard decided to end that initial content now. Blizzard did confirm that every boss that drops Tier items will now drop two each, instead of the expected one. An improvement over Tier 4.

Arena Season 2
Season 2 will drop alongside the patch, bringing to an end Season 1 and its offseason. The new season will bring new rewards, a mount, and an opportunity to climb keep a copy the sector ladder.

Ogri'la and Sha'tari Skyguard Daily Content Added
Two new daily quest hubs are made available to players, after the completion of a group of pre-quests. Said pre-quests are available before release, so you'll be able to get before the curve by unlocking them early.
The Sha'tari Skyguard is that the faction the general public are watching for, only if they'll unlock access to a brand new mount (shown above). They even have a pair of trinkets, cloaks, pets, and a Tabard. you'll see the complete list of things and daily quests here.
As for the 2 factions. Ogri'la will give access to a bunch of things via a brand new currency "Apexis Shards"; this WOW TBC Classic Gold gear is usually how for brand spanking new players to catch up, instead of being some way to achieve top-level loot. the total list of substances available, and therefore the cost of the things, here.Want get items in the list with lower cost? Don't worry, MMOWTS will provide best help and service for you! New visit MMOWTS official site and buy TBC Classic Gold, you can enjoy the best game contents!