Live streaming apps are a great way to broadcast videos live to your audience or check out other live videos on the go from anywhere in the world. Today, I will be sharing a list of best live streaming apps for Android. These apps let you stream videos in real-time via your Android device using an internet connection from anywhere in the world.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

Hence, modern day users are trying to stay always connected with their network of friends or followers. Brands, as well as individuals, use live streaming to update their followers about particular events or new milestones while on the go.

There are so many different live streaming platforms available in the industry to choose from. Such a high-end competition makes it difficult for the users to choose the best of the lot.While the live streaming Android apps were only a few couple of years back, there are plenty of viable options available today.

Periscope is an Android live streaming app, now acquired by Twitter that allows you to stream live videos directly from your Smartphone. You can directly tweet the broadcast link to your followers on Twitter or choose to share the link with a group of people or publicly. With better social media integration, this app also lets you share the broadcast link on Facebook or other popular social networks. Users on Periscope can also use the map within the app to check out other trending live streams running in real-time. Besides the live stream, you can also view the highlights of the live stream if you missed it in real-time.

UStream is an IBM company and is undoubtedly one of the best live streaming apps for Android available on the Google Play Store right now. Being an IBM product, you can accept nothing but quality from this app. While it gives you all the basic features of a live streaming Android app, it also lets you manage and record your recorded videos. However, the app is only available on select devices using Android 6.0 or above.
Creating live stream videos on YouNow is like a piece of cake. Simply tap on the “Go Live” button on the app and you’re now streaming a live video to your friends and followers. Besides live streaming, the platform also lets you discover other artists, musicians, creators, and favorite brands or personalities to enjoy their live stream videos. If you missed a live stream, you can always watch it later by browsing the moments feed on the app.
A subsidiary of eCommerce giant Amazon, Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming platforms with more than 9.7 million daily active users. The platform is designed for gamers and lets them broadcast their gameplay live for the audience around the globe. Besides broadcasting your gameplay live, you can also watch gaming commentaries and other entries by video game publishers. It’s a haven for gamers.

Livestream is a huge brand as it has already established itself as a popular web service for live streaming. With the Android app, this live streaming platform has spread its wings into the mobile space. Whether you are up for streaming live videos from your Android device or wish to explore other live streams from a wide range of broadcasters ranging from big TV networks to Sports leagues, you can get it all from Livestream app. You can also watch the live events on a larger screen such as Apple TV or on devices such as Chromecast or Roku.
Streamago is an excellent live streaming Android app that offers a wide variety of features. You can easily broadcast live videos and make it publicly available for everyone or privately to your Facebook friends. While watching other live streams, you can engage with them using the comment feature and send virtual gifts as a mode of appreciation. You can use the leaderboard to find trending broadcasts and entertain yourself while on the go. Streamago lets you choose the broadcast quality from low, medium or high as per your preference.

Stream – Live Video Community
Stream is an interesting live streaming app on Android platform that emphasizes a lot on user-experience. While you can broadcast your live stream or browse through other live streams within the app, Stream also lets you stream videos from your GoPro Hero camera. The app will also save the video in HD quality on your Android device while streaming. It’s an excellent platform to broadcast games, walk-through, and more.

Facebook Live
Witnessing the rising trend of live streaming, the social media giant has launched its own Facebook Live platform within the Facebook ecosystem. The interesting part about Facebook Live platform is that besides enabled on profiles or pages, it also lets you broadcast as a Facebook group or for events. Being one of the most popular social networks across the globe, Facebook live platform fares a better advantage thanks to its massive user base.