the cigarette trade to utilize concentrated scheduling and the correct way, strive to improve a pair of stable "+ not even smoke tobacco smoking industry" mixture off cropping strategy, to have fun industrial selection well. On 2019, your location of Online Newport Cigarettes Cartons the correct way flue-cured tobacco smoking was three, 366 mu, additionally, the field is growing clearly. The good planting in broad chili 300 mu, was sold to get a absolute income of just one. 2 huge number of yuan, net gain of nine hundred, 000 yuan; Good trial the correct way morchella fourty mu, the sum of the output significance of eight hundred, 000 yuan, net gain of 480, 000 yuan. Notably in environmental rape the correct way, "three changes" have been completely realized to Online Cigarettes help you consolidate "a foundation": marketing and advertising large-scale contiguous the correct way to in depth transformation; Well-rounded promotion in biological restrain of aphid Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes cocoon wasp, to help you green switch; Vigorously boost mechanical enjoying, to mechanical transformation; Even further solidified that "grain -- tobacco -- oil" popping rotation strategy foundation, absolute planting 2066 mu, general per mu show of 225 kg, the sum of the output in 464. eighty-five tons, the sum of the output significance of 255. 675 huge number of yuan, excluding the fee for 650 yuan mu, the regular net cash of 587. 5 yuan mu, the sum of the net income of just one, 213, 775 huge number of yuan.