There are many sources of design inspiration for traditional decoration, such as decorative magazines, TV shows, websites, product catalogs and books. Traditional decoration has a long and well-documented history, and almost all decorators can easily replicate the classic appearance. Unfortunately, the concept of modern decoration has changed over time. For example, the modern style of the 1970s is far from today's modern style. One way to create a modern and subtle look is to paint the walls with metallic sheen.

Lighter and brighter

Synthetic Paint Manufacturer has the unique quality of reflective particles. These sparkling particles brighten the room by reflecting light. Although modern and modern home styles often use open floor plans, for modern rooms in traditional houses, this metal element can help significantly illuminate the space. This is also a good choice for teenagers' bedrooms facing north or south, because it provides them with a modern look and feel while also lightening the walls of the room.

Synthetic Paint

When you think of metallic paint, the first thing that comes to mind may be silver. Although this is a common metallic paint color, you can also choose other colors. Traditional silver, gold and bronze are the three major metal choices for wall paint. Although you can buy these colors in the matte paint formulation, for a more dramatic appearance, the shimmer and gloss of the metallic elements is a better choice.

Unusual paint colors

Have you heard of pink metallic paint? Probably not, but it is easy to make. By adding simple mica spots to any paint color, you can instantly create shiny metallic paint. Mica spots can usually be found in the paint section of any large home improvement store or professional paint store. This kind of added shimmer is especially important if you are painting a modern room, but do not necessarily include other metals in its color scheme. When the walls of your room have endless possibilities, don't limit yourself to the three main metal colors.

You can also use Synthetic Paint Manufacturer India over ordinary paint. This creates a more subtle finish. In order to get a better effect, please choose a background color that is visually related to the metallic glaze, such as applying golden glaze on the yellow primer.

Before you start applying metallic paint on the walls, it is important to prime them with a high-quality primer. By preparing in advance, the metallic paint is more likely to proceed smoothly and evenly. It is also important to thoroughly stir the paint before painting, especially if you have added mica. Spots tend to settle down, and the last thing you want is a room with a few wide paths of shiny metallic paint, and the rest of the room is matte.

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