Zhao mou, reasons culprits belonging to the case, was punished a few different times for retailing fake cigs, with a very good sense in anti reconnaissance, that sales in counterfeit cigs transport signals, storage warehouses, funding channels are quite hidden, possible is extremely complex. And over of fake cigarette court case mainly checked by land method of travel, the bunch through aviation logistics to help you counterfeit cigs from guangzhou to help you chengdu, and be able to use an important fake username, false name with the airport shipping station to help you sign designed for counterfeit cigs, by unlicensed minibuses on counterfeit cigarettes on the city with the warehouse, and be able to sold to help you chengdu, meishan, . . ..

Meanwhile, meishan place, prevailed community, two amounts of public security additionally, the department in tobacco very closely, cobwebs of several case evidence, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons after higher than Wholesale Cigarettes Store Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online a year in careful homework, draw that successively on chengdu, guangzhou, successful abort this related to guangzhou, chengdu retailing counterfeit cigs criminal gangs, accumulative absolute capture belonging to the gang subscribers 14 scenario seized 3504 fake cigarettes, Killed 5 sites of fraudulent cigarettes and even seized contemplate vehicles.

Once the court look at, Zhao, Lv mou new besides other 7 defendants retailing shoddy products measure of 75, 000 yuan to help you 5. 93 huge number of yuan, Li Mou Zhou besides other 2 defendants related to selling substandard products measure of 490, 000 yuan to at least one. 24 huge number of yuan, Wang Shou switch, cash 3. 797 huge number of yuan, sentenced depending on law, one last judgment belonging to the first circumstance.