The release date of NBA 2K22 is set for September 10, and it is getting closer and closer. Just a week later, NBA 2K announced some updated gameplay innovations of last year's version and trailers of the latest games. Players can get a glimpse of the updated graphics, gameplay and NBA 2K22 MT features. 

Players can see some updated actions in the NBA 2K22 trailer, and also announced that the list of game features will be updated.

NBA 2K22 has undergone many updates in terms of gameplay innovation. For defense and defensive AL, NBA 2K has made a major update to the basic defensive rotation and will completely rebuild the shooting game and blocking system. In terms of dribbling, the overall speed has been accelerated and the court control has been tightened. Players will experience a unique feeling and rhythm when adjusting the size. There are also some other new combos, cancels and move chains. In addition, the post-play is upgraded. , Highlighting a lot of new content including new actions and new back basket actions. In terms of shooting, a shot meter has been added that can dynamically expand when the player uses a good shooter to make a high-quality shot, but will shrink when the player shoots with a low-level shooter or fatigue. Because "NBA 2K22" puts more emphasis on shooting IQ, teams that pursue open looks and smart shots will be more successful than teams that force bad shots.

In terms of Finishing, players will be able to use the new Dunk Style Creator to completely customize their dunk repertoire. There will also be adjustments to create more balanced builds and increase the total number of badges to 80. In addition, NBA 2K22 for PS5 and Xbox game consoles introduces Takeover Perks, which can be unlocked if players want to enhance their existing takeover capabilities.

The long-awaited NBA 2K22 is finally going live. After reading the above information, what do you think of the content of this update? By the way, if you want to buy NBA 2K22 MT when you want to play NBA 2K22 later, you can visit UTnice.UTnice will provide players with cheap and guaranteed NBA 2K22 MT. I believe it can help you experience the game better.