PVC celuka board is one of the most preferred materials for modular kitchen cabinets. Here are the reasons.

PVC materials are cost-effective and are cheaper in comparison to wooden cabinets. PVC hollow boards are cheaper than PVC foam boards. But PVC hollow boards lack strength and advisable only for short-term kitchen cabinets.

Ease of installation:
The PVC material for kitchen cabinets come with an array of colours and in ready-to-fit boards, without any additional fixing. These ready-to-fit boards are lightweight and easy to install in your kitchen. You don’t even have to worry about additional laminations or designs to fit them.

Zero maintenance:
Considering the material is plastic, PVC cabinets are super easy to clean, and don’t keep any types of stains. This means that PVC requires almost no maintenance.

With PVC, you don’t have to worry about termites, wood borers and other insects destroying your cabinets. These materials are termite-free, waterproof, oil-proof and anticorrosive. Once installed, the material will stay as it is.

Ease of sourcing/replacing:
PVC materials are easily available in the market. Thus at any given point of time, you can replace PVC boards or sheets without much of hassle.

PVC foam boards are sturdier and durable than other variants of PVC. Further, PVC material is rot-proof and thus, last longer without causing any major damage.

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