The biggest anchor of New World tends to attract a large number of gamers, which will not surprise anyone. Just like in other popular MMO games, anchors often follow players who are willing to help them complete tasks, eliminate enemies, or even just give them money and items.

However, one of the biggest attractions of New World is a PvP-focused territory and settlement system, which allows members of the game companies to effectively control parts of the map. Territories can be purchased with 100,000 Cheap New World Coins, and players can control the currently occupied territories and settlements through New World’s war system.

The anchor actually comes with a built-in army of players who are very willing to provide the resources and PvP support needed to control the territory. This may not only eliminate an important part of the New World social experience, but also means that some New World Coins can theoretically take over the server. But this process may be painful for the anchor. Of course, whether the anchor can use a small group of fans actually depends on their ability to play with these fans and the loyalty of these fans.

In short, for most New World players, this series of operations by the anchor is not friendly, and it may even cause problems for their game operations.