Different parts of the garden have very big differences in the lighting regulations. The price of the courtyard lamp is to show the beautiful design of the engineering buildings, sculptures, flowers, stones, etc. in the garden. The lighting method should be different according to the scene, and the projection The lighting effect should also be changed according to the need so that it can present a separate charm at night; the street lights on both sides of the park road should have a uniform and continuous light intensity, and then consider the need for safety. Next,Solar Path Light Manufacturers will introduce why garden lights are widely used in gardens?

In terms of shape design, aluminum cast courtyard lights are not necessarily beautiful and unique, and garden landscape courtyard lights made of steel materials are also very beautiful. Ensure that there is uniform light intensity, except for the layout of the lighting fixtures to be uniform, the spacing should be effective, and the height of the lamp posts should be appropriate.

As a special tool for lighting in gardens, garden lights should be exquisite in design, in harmony with the natural environment, and integrated with the theme of the natural environment. They can be given a certain metaphor, making it a fun garden funny sketch,the large vase-shaped garden lamp is built in a corner of the grass, which can cause everyone to love green trees and bouquets; tree root sculptures The garden lantern stands in the jungle, and the artificial service and the course are connected as a whole and complement each other.

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