In Final Fantasy XIV Online, when players are gradually improving, they may need a lot of FFXIV Gil. And Iron Ingots will become the items players want to obtain. Now we will bring some tips to players on how to obtain iron ingots.

First, the player can obtain it in two ways. They can choose to collect it from other craftsmen or buy it from a specific location. When players want to make iron ingots for themselves, they need to talk to the blacksmith. The blacksmith will make one at level 16, and the blacksmith has a higher chance of reaching the best quality at 866. The blacksmith's recipe for making iron ingots requires fire shards. Players can collect fire shards from Western Thanalan, Eastern Thanalan, and central La Nosia. They will also fall from fire elves and firemanes.

But if players want to buy Iron Ingots directly through FFXIV Gil, they can communicate directly with relevant material suppliers. Getting it directly from them may be convenient for some players. In fact, no matter what item it is, it is the easiest for players to purchase through Cheap FFXIV Gil.

In short, players can take one of the above methods to obtain Iron Ingots, and their operations are relatively simple. Similarly, if players have other things they don’t understand, they can leave us a message.