A very talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons player added the perfect rice paddy on his island. Creative players can create everything from restaurants to the Studio Ghibli  Animal Crossing Bells entertainment in Animal Crossing.

Players can use the full set of design tools after the early game loop of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is completed. Players can use terraforming abilities to develop their own islands. Terraforming abilities adds cliff-building features to create water areas. Players can freely reshape their flat land and can adapt to various creative designs of players. Previously, creative players have used Animal Crossing's design and terraforming options to design all the contents of winter wonderlands and The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule map.

The player who created the extremely beautiful rice fields left a deep impression on other Animal Crossing players. Its appearance is a small rectangular terrain area surrounded by water, and each piece is independent, using the weeds in the game to simulate. I only used some insects in cages and some planted shrubs as simple decorations, no custom content added. After this player shared his video on Reddit, he received a lot of likes, and everyone praised his intuitive and clever design.

Animal Crossing Bells

If players want to build their own island rice fields, this appearance is easy to recreate. After the player draws the land for the rice field and transforms the surrounding waters, the player then lays the dark soil path to imitate the recently turned over soil, and then plants weeds on the map. However, if there are too many weeds, the island’s rating score will be affected, so if a player wants to maintain a five-star rating, they can get fake weeds through custom designs.

Animal Crossing allows players to plant flowers, trees, and pumpkins, but rice is not provided in the game. Due to the lack of some fruits or vegetables that players want to grow, the smart ones have found a way to disguise the items they have in the game as farm islands or Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket vegetable patches. Nintendo has not stated whether it will introduce new plantable plants in the future, and players can only wait and see.

This setting looks very interesting. It not only beautifies the player’s island, but also reflects a part of the regional culture. It is really creative and imaginative. Finally, if you want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, welcome to visit MMOWTS. You may not have much time to keep the game online and collect a lot of Animal Crossing Bells, and this can help you. You can buy a lot of Animal Crossing Bells for a small amount of money, which will greatly help you advance the game.