Why choose stainless steel screen printing cloth?

Stainless steel wire mesh has been used in the printing industry for a long time, today MAISHI GROUP company for you to sort out a why choose stainless steel screen printing cloth for your reference.
1) stainless steel screen printing cloth in the use of ink flow control for conventional nylon mesh has many advantages.To get more news about galvanized steel wire mesh, you can visit resenwiremesh.com official website.
For example, the same size stainless steel wire mesh is conducive to better control of ink precipitation. But also will effectively avoid the printing process of dot expansion.

In addition, in screen printing all the dots of the stainless steel wire mesh are arranged next to each other, rather than stacked on top of each other as in traditional printing. The reduction of the stacking dot means that in the printing process, the lack of ink caused by the pressure on the top of the dot will be relieved.

2) The stainless steel screen printing cloth used in the printing industry should be strictly woven in plain weave. Although there are manufacturers in the industry to introduce the use of twill woven stainless steel wire mesh instead, and this price is relatively preferential. But its printing quality falls far short of printing standards.

Stainless steel screen printing cloth requirements mesh square, adjacent two diameter line Angle of 90 degrees, high permeability. Mesh surface level off shall not have joint wire knot, mesh uniform, high friction strength, stretch recovery rate is small, acid and alkali resistance, not due to the influence of ultraviolet light and change in strength.
Application: Stainless steel screen printing cloth is suitable for printing plate making, the surface is a curved substrate. Especially suitable for harsh environment, multi-color overprint, batch printing, step printing, precision printing. At the same time, it is widely used in textile, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, rubber and other industries, as well as aviation, aerospace, petrochemical and other high-tech fields of solution filtration.