Why do you choose polyester mesh to do glass screen printing?

Glass screen printing refers to a printing method that uses glass plates or glass containers as the main products. The common applications are automotive glass, architectural glass, home-use glass, hollow vessel glass and so on, which is very common and popular in our daily life.To get more news about Stainless Steel Filter Disc For Filtration Manufacturer, you can visit resenwiremesh.com official website.
The surface of the glass is hard, smooth, and non-absorbent. However, due to the diversity of glass, it requires a practical and efficient printing method to realize the decoration and application using purposes. Polyester screen printing mesh has high reproducibility and high-quality characteristics, which can provide you with obvious cost advantages. They can promote and speed up the production of screen printing plates and optimize the printing process. In a word, it can meet various requirements and the high expectations of your customers.
MAISHI can supply the high quality polyester screen printing mesh that can be used in glass screen printing. It has the evident as below:
1. High tension: The screen has good tension stability and low elongation. And due to the high tension, small mesh distance, excellent screen release and ink strippability, high-precision and high-quality printing effects can be obtained. At the same time, the tension remains very stable during the printing process, which further ensures the quality and the service life of the screen.

2. High precision: The error of screen thickness, opening and wire diameter are all controlled within the minimum range, which is the best choice for high-precision line printing and dot printing.

3. High wear resistance: MAISHI polyester screen printing mesh chooses high-quality fibers as raw materials and its surface is of even opening, which can withstand high pressure and multiple frictions, which makes the screen of high safety and printing resistance. This also makes it has a longer service time.