There are various skill trees in New World, and each skill tree has its own advantages, disadvantages and usage methods. Today, I will introduce you to the Juggernaut Tree's gameplay and functions.

The Juggernaut Tree has only one type of AoE damage, which is mainly used to damage a single target. In the case of 1v1 in PvP and PvE, it is very powerful because it has single-target skills and can provide armor penetration. The Juggernaut Tree has Cheap New World Coins three skills, they are Armor Breaker, Mighty Gavel and Wrecking Ball.

In the mode of large PvE enemies and opponent players, because Armor Breaker is a heavy blow attack, if combined with armor penetration, it becomes widely used by players. Mighty Gavel is a powerful overhead attack. When it is upgraded to two hits, its second attack can cause more damage. The only crowd control skill on this side of the weapon tree is Wrecking Ball, which can flatten a single target or small area (similar to knockdown).

Justice For All is the ultimate skill of this tree. It needs to work with Mighty Gavel to make its second subsequent attack stronger. If in PvE, its attack will be very powerful. If you match the weapon in PvP, it can also provide you with extremely high explosive power when you can hit at the same time.

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