Every living environment is enhanced by carefully selected lighting. Darker nights mean it is more important than ever for families to have proper lighting in their outdoor spaces.

The Floodlight With Stand is considered to be an artificial lighting to illuminate the place you need, the purpose of the outdoor lighting is to enhance the visual performance of lighting by illuminating the area, in order to be convenient for the persons conducting human activities. LED outdoor flood lights are the usual types of outdoor lighting fixtures which can be divided into security lighting, area lighting, street lighting, sign lighting, sports lighting and so on. Parties and other gatherings or activities can be prolonged far into the night with bright outdoor lighting. Lights can also brighten your path when you come home late at night. In case of an emergency, flood lights illuminate exit channel and house numbers. Exterior lights are also the best security against potential thieves who prefer to work under the cloak of darkness.

outdoor led flood lights

Today, all people in the world are actively respond to the slogan of energy saving and environmental protection. LED lighting is regarded as a kind of light with excellent energy-saving, high-quality lighting performance and long-life span.As a user, how to choose the right outdoor LED flood light could be a big concern. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Quality Of LED Outdoor Flood Lights
    As an ideal tool for outdoor lighting, LED flood lights must be rugged and durable.Outstanding LED outdoor flood lights usually have excellent light efficiency, reasonable design, good waterproofing & dustproof grade, good heat dissipation ability. At current standard, LED outdoor flood lights should more than 120lm/W, and have a long life span longer than 100,000 hours.
  2. Warranty Period
    Among many other factors that promise the proper working of LED floodlights, warranty is one of the topmost factors which ensure customer value.Because floodlights are one of the most versatile systems of landscape lighting, they must come with a warranty. Generally, the floodlight warranty period is 3-5 years.
  3. Color Temperature (CCT)
    In order to meet various indoor and outdoor lighting needs, most LED floodlights generally have a variety of color temperatures to choose from to best suit your application or personal taste. Generally, cool white (6000K)LED flood lights are selected to illuminate the area of sports activities, which can display the true colors of objects without visual fatigue, while the warm white version(around 5000K) of the light is more comfortable,and is in a softer atmosphere area (such as entertainment and leisure facilities or office space ) is preferred. The most usual CCT for LED outdoor floodlights is 5000K or 4000K, and other users can choose other kinds of color temperatures according to their preferences.
  4. Lighting Control
    Good light distribution can emit more light to the target place, take full advantage of the light, reduce extra light which can interference neighbors’ activity and avoid light pollution. LED flood lights usually can be adjusted for distribution angles, ranging from 5 ° to 180 °, and users can adjust it according to personal requirement. It can be said that good light control should minimize the impact on the environment.
  5. Safety and Efficiency Approvals
    The last and most important factor to note - safety certifications. There are many safety certifications and energy efficiency certification standards for LED products, for example, CCC in China, UL in North America, SAA in Australia, etc. Choosing a LED floodlight that matched with the relevant certification is vital to protect the buyers’ safety. In addition, energy efficiency certified luminaires can also help users have great return, eg. Higher efficiency and higher cost-efficiency.

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