What I shared with you today is how about yarn dyed fabric, okay?

Yarn dyed fabric is often made into shirts. Our most common one is a plaid shirt. This plaid shirt is lightweight, comfortable and breathable, and is very suitable for single wear. Of course, you can also wear it with a windbreaker jacket. What are the advantages of this kind of yarn dyed fabric? Let's follow Wanshiyi to learn more about it in detail.

We all know that yarn dyed fabric is a fabric woven from many different colors of yarn after dyeing. This fabric can be made into many patterns, so that the pattern of the woven fabric has a strong sense of three-dimensionality. And because the dyeing process of yarn dyed fabric is different from others, the color fastness of this fabric is better. And because this kind of fabric is woven from yarns of different colors and materials during the weaving process, even low-quality cotton yarns can spin beautiful patterns. This requires friends to have a good ability to distinguish.

What are the advantages of yarn dyed fabric?

1. Firm color

Because the yarn dyed fabric uses the process of dyeing and then spinning, the permeability of the pigment is very good, and the fabric made is not easy to fade.

2. Strong three-dimensional effect

Yarn dyed fabric is woven with different colors of yarns and cotton threads of different materials, and different weaving methods are used, so the fabrics made have unique patterns and three-dimensional patterns.

3. Save raw materials

Yarn dyed fabric uses colored yarn or fancy yarn and changes in various organizations. Even if the quality of the selected cotton yarn is relatively poor, it can still produce flawless products.

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