Now that Path of Exile: Expedition has started, many players do not understand some of the conditions inside. In fact, the player can Buy POE Orbs during the Expedition. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to some tips of Path of Exile: Expedition.

When players first enter Expedition, they will see a new NPC, a detonator, and several markers surrounding both. To excavate anything under the rubble, the player must place explosives in the area to be excavated. The distance between the explosive and the detonator cannot be too far, so place it carefully. If the player falls, it is easy to return to the battle to continue fighting or to loot the remaining boxes. Although they will get most of the junk equipment, what is important is the Path of Exile Currency they can get.

Players will have some tips when performing Path of Exile: Expedition, first they have to check all indicators. Sometimes, players will see unearthed remnants, which will make POE Currency in subsequent explosions more difficult to deal with. This is where careful planning takes effect. Players can leave it near the end so that it does not affect too many enemies.

The player does not have to use up all the explosives. With this, players may accidentally detonate the bombs they planted prematurely. This also allows players to focus on the markers they really want to be rewarded. If the player is sure that they have covered all the indicators they want, they can go directly to the detonator to get the loot. In short, enjoy it!