Animal Crossing: One year after the release of New Horizons, it looked more like a design toolbox than a video game. After completing a series of challenges to turn the island into a prosperous city, players can only decorate their residences if they have nothing to do.

Although the game has a large number of players and dedicated communities, players still eagerly Buy ACNH Bells hope for the launch of new content. Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo America, promised to add new cross-border animals, but we don't know when.

While the villagers of Animal Crossing are waiting for the content of the game to be updated, their task now is to create a mysterious and strange optical illusion on the island. This visual effect is that when the player moves in front of the screen, a face will appear on the screen watching the player move. The Face Cutout characters wore hats and looked like eyeballs sitting on the wooden bench behind them, creating a strange and weird visual illusion. The same effect is seen from the back, the audience will watch every move of the player.

This unique and creative visual illusion was actually inspired by one of the works of Japanese manga artist and author Junji Ito. These are the hanging balloons. Animal Crossing and users try to turn the island into a tribute to the creator of horror. But at present, the design of the relevant island has not been completed, so players who want to visit have to wait for it to be fully completed.

Players often ignore Nintendo’s game restrictions. They have found many original ways to design islands. Designers and photographers created the now infamous Animal Crossing Pool error by using items with limited or no functions. Another way to create incredible in-game illusions.

In future updates, it is expected that the game will not only introduce new gameplay, but also provide new ways for players to interact with the world they created. There are currently few features, such as when the ball bounces, players cannot play together. However, just like the weird and novel visual effects created by the players above, with a little creativity, even the most ordinary objects can become different.

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