Signage made from 4x8 pvc foam board offers great value for a variety of sign applications. PVC foam sheet is durable and displays colors consistently, making it the perfect choice for directional signage, POS displays, display boards, menu boards, and real estate signs.

The Building and Construction market has also seen tremendous improvements with PVC foam applications. Architectural columns, decorative shutters, store fixtures, shower pans, furniture, outdoor kitchens, and other anti-microbial solutions are just a few examples; but the versatility of PVC foam allows builders, architects, and designers to get as creative as they want to with their designs.

Exhibit spaces have also benefited from PVC foam applications. Because PVC foam is lightweight and easy to work with, trade show booths, display cases, staging and event displays, and kiosks made from this material have become easier to install and use.

For marine market applications, marine grade PVC foam has been specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. Marine upholstery substrate, swim platforms, coring material for backing plates, and cup holders can all be made from this marine PVC foam and have seen excellent performance.

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