How to judge the quality of the mattress and choose the mattress from the fabric of the mattress?

When we buy a mattress, we still have to choose according to different circumstances, such as your weight, hobbies, and living habits. However, the basic thing is to maintain a normal physical body curve.

If you are buying a mattress for your family, we also need to consider that different groups of people have different choices of mattresses. For example, children are still developing and need to pay attention to the cervical spine. A moderately soft mattress is more suitable for children. Sleep comfortably and securely and protect the cervical spine; the elderly are prone to osteoporosis, waist and leg pain, etc., so hard mattresses are more suitable. When the human body is in the supine position, the hard mattress can keep the lumbar spine from bending, which can protect the elderly Healthy bones.

As for the mattress fabric, these mattresses are made of high-gram knitted fabrics and jacquard fabrics. The previous one is better. It has better elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort and warmth, and a strong skin-friendly feel. The jacquard fabric has a high cotton content and a strong skin-friendly feel. Relatively speaking, using these two fabrics as the upper layer of the mattress, the mattress will not be too bad, and the price will not be too low.

In addition, after choosing the right mattress, we also need to have a healthy sleeping habit. Although it is easy to say, it is still difficult to do, unless there is a particularly comfortable mattress that makes you enjoy sleep very much. Make you fall in love with the feeling of sleep. However, please remind you that the average adult’s sleep time should not exceed 7 hours too much. If you sleep too much, you will easily get dizzy. It is recommended that you go to bed and get up early to do more exercises and enjoy a healthy sleep life.

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