New World will be released on the 28th of this month. Now most players don't know much about the character upgrade of New World. Next, I will introduce some tips for upgrading and building New World to help players adapt to it faster at the beginning of the game. Let's take a look!

In New World, players have two weapon slots, and they should use them at the same time. This not only means that players can get the best of both worlds by combining melee and long-range weapons, but they can also use RPG New World Coins in the skill tree of each weapon to get rewards when upgrading.

If the player wants to focus on fast fighting, pairing an axe with a bow is a good choice. This version increases the speed of the axe in violent mode through passive movement rewards of the bow, such as the speed of the archer in the skirmish skill tree. However, it should be noted that the player needs to make an arrow for the bow before it can be used.

Whenever a player advances a level in New World, they will have an attribute point to spend. The player's choice will depend on which weapon they mainly use, and they should have a good understanding of this after the first few levels. Players are unlikely to use New World Coins at the same time, so please pay more attention to the attributes of their favorite weapons.