The updated content of MyNBA in NBA 2K22 was introduced in detail by 2K before the game went live. The content includes the new MySTAFF, Prep Hub, badges, etc.

In the game, players have full control of their organization. Many new roles have been added to coaches, scouts and sports medicine personnel. There are a total of 17 staff positions, and new attributes and badges have been added for these staff. . 2K redesigned the way employees work, and the number of medals for employees more than doubled.

If the player wants to play with a renamed or expanded team, through the new pre-built custom team, now there is no need to spend the time to create three new pre-built teams to create badges and uniforms. At the same time, a new feature has been added: conditional coaching, through which players can take strategies and give guidelines for specific instances in the simulation game. For example, garbage time that allows rookies to gain a lot of experience.

In addition, it is more realistic in terms of training and NBA 2K22 MT preparation. Individual training will provide meticulous skill development and training focus, and team training will incorporate load management tailored to optimize players’ health in the game and tailored to their training.

Players can manage fatigue, training and development in the new Prep Hub, and can pay attention to upcoming 2K22 MT games and scout reports of future opponents.

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