Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have confirmed that Wrexham will play in FIFA 22 and it will become the core of cooperation with EA Sports. Last year the Hollywood duo caused a sensation when they announced the acquisition of Wrexham. As the latest part of their major renovation at the Racecourse Ground, they announced an agreement to include the club in the October race.

The two confirmed the cooperation on social media, so the Wales team will become the only English football pyramid club from outside the English Football League. They also used a humorous video to make fun of the relative obscurity of the team. They said in the pre-recorded video: "Our first full season as Wrexham owners has begun, yet many FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Coins people still don't know where Wales is". They said that many people seem to think Wales is in England, but that is not the case! This conversation includes: "It is in a region known as Rest of World-an important geographic area known for its random assortment of cultures, climates and football clubs." and two concluded "If you're planning on visiting Rest of World, please consider visiting Wrexham,". Reynolds joked and mumbled: "What the f*ck is Rest of World?!"

Although it is confusing to include a team from England's fifth tier, considering that their bosses are Reynolds and McElhenney, and their acquisition caused the stock to rise rapidly, so All this is not surprising.

At present, the two of them have signed TikTok as the main sponsor of the club for a two-year period, and they will also promote the team through their own efforts. The popularity of Wrexham is currently soaring, and the news that it is included in FIFA 22 will make their image continue to grow.

In addition, the efforts of Reynolds and McElhenney seem to have paid off on the court. In the first five league games of the 2021-22 season, Phil Parkinson's team maintained an unbeaten record. They are ranked fifth in the national league, firmly in the playoffs, and they will also be in good shape to advance to the second league.

After their victory over Woking, the next stop is Grimsby Town. If they win this game, they will surpass their opponents in the standings.

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