The stainless steel clad plate is currently a particularly excellent raw material. There are many demands for the stainless steel clad plate and customers in daily life. The manufacturer attaches great importance to the stainless steel clad plate in the production and production process. Below,Aluminum Solid Panel Suppliers introduces the precautions for polishing of stainless steel composite panel.

1. The raw material has excellent leveling and high brightness. The disadvantages are high labor efficiency, serious damage, inability to solve complex parts, inability to maintain a relatively stable brightness, relatively short maintenance period of brightness, milling, and rust. It can be used to produce simple and small equipment.

2. Less investment in production equipment, able to pull up complex parts, faster, high efficiency, and corrosion-resistant. The disadvantage is poor brightness, exhaust gas overflow, the ventilator is needed, and electric heating is difficult. It can be used to produce small parts with the general complexity and low brightness requirements.

3. The matte has long brightness, a relatively stable production process, low damage, low price, and good corrosion resistance. Defects are prevention of high energy consumption, large investment in production equipment, complex equipment, assistance in welding, and general equipment. The key can be used for high-end products, export products, dimensional tolerance products, relatively stable production technology, general, and easy to use!