Hitachi Metal has developed commercial amorphous motors with better performance than silicon steel motors, and the feasibility of amorphous motors in the future has been fully verified. As the ribbon width of amorphous alloy is limited, the widest amorphous ribbon on the market is 213 mm, which limits the production of high-power motors. When the outer diameter of amorphous stator core is larger than 213mm, multi-block splicing method is needed to prepare the core.Some Iron and Steel Research Institute experiment research as below.Get more news about Amorphous Stators,you can vist our website!

From Figure 2 shown, the core loss increases with the increase of the number of spliced blocks. The loss of Integral Core is the lowest at 800Hz and 1.0T.9.2 W/kg.It can be seen that, although the increase of the number of spliced blocks will lead to an increase in core loss, compared with silicon steel, the loss still has great advantages. If only considering core loss, spliced core can still replace silicon steel in motor.

From Figure 3 shown,The permeability of Fe80Si9B11 amorphous core after splicing is lower than that of the integral core, and the more number of blocks, the lower the permeability.The more blocks are spliced, the larger air gap is lead-in, and the more difficult it is to magnetize the core. Therefore, when the amorphous stator core is formed by splicing, the fewer the splicing blocks, the better.