Solar Post Cap Light Manufacturers introduced the layout of solar landscape lights, and the demand for battery controllers and other products has changed. The battery has a cycle life. The reasonable configuration, equipment configuration, and configuration of solar street lights are also very common. In some projects, the bidding is mostly a product with very low value and little dumping. Because of the endless funding, this is the product quality and equipment configuration equipment. The deployment layout is very low, and it cannot be used normally within 1-2 years. Some manufacturers do not have after-sales service in order to make money and need to find another solar street light manufacturer for protection and maintenance.

Today, there are not many such customer orders. Some applications have not found a street light manufacturer within 5 years. In some cases, the manufacturer does not manage the after-sales service (the manufacturer does not provide free after-sales service, the customer pays money and does not trust them to find another manufacturer). In short, the problem of the product itself is still the life issue of the product components. The problem of street lamp security is getting more and more serious.

Similarly, solar landscape lights also need to replace the controller and battery, but some lamps have a strong light source due to the early layout struggles, so the battery that needs to be replaced is also strong, and the light source itself has low service and high loss. Replace the battery and carbon monoxide. The controller is more expensive than a new system. Start the customer to replace the light source (the luminous efficiency of the LED light source is much higher than the previous few days. The original 30W light source can now be replaced with a 15W light source. It is true that ordinary solar street light manufacturers import high-power LED lamp beads, its luminous output is 150-160 lumens, and the current SMD lamp beads on the market are also poor in light efficiency, but the value is low).