In New World, all the Ranged and Magic have a longer attack range than most melee options, but they have a slower attack speed. So they are not better or worse than melee weapons, but they can complement each other. Today, I will introduce the methods and functions of the Fire Staff.

The Fire Mage Tree and the Pyromancer are two Amazon New World Coins skill trees of the Fire Staff. The Fire Mage Tree can provide AoE spells with high damage. The Pyromancer can provide slower DoT type damage, making it more utility.

The use of this weapon in PvE and PvP is more special, but it is better when used in PvE. Generally speaking, he can play a better role in PvP Wars and large-scale or small-scale conflicts. Because it can maximize its damage and regional control. But if you don't react fast enough to the skill or you are caught off guard, then it will give you a great impact and hit you hard.

For level players, the skill settings of Fire Pillar, Fireball and Burn Out can help you. Fireball and Fire Pillar can provide high damage and Burnout will New World Coins become more utility. Although replacing Burn Out with Incinerate can increase additional damage, its utility is relatively low.

The Fire Staff as a magic weapon, the damage it provides is mainly focused on Intelligence. It is generally used in conjunction with the Rapier for emergencies, and the Ice Gauntlet or Musket can also be used with it to achieve good results. In addition, if you use an elemental gem, you can scale most weapons with Intelligence, but this level will be much lower than its secondary attributes.

Although the effect provided by the Fire Staff is better in PvP and PvE, it still needs other weapons to match it. However, it is not easy to obtain another powerful weapon in the game. You must accumulate a large amount of New World Coins to purchase them. And Newworldcoins knows the needs of players well, and there are a lot of New World Coins for players, so act quickly and buy.