Streaming Live Tv on Android Smartphones have been one of the great works of Android developer, one don’t compulsory need to be on the sitting room before watching live tv shows, breaking news, sports, Documentaries, and anything TV, with the aid of Smartphones we can do all this on the Go. That been said, here is our list of Top 7 Best free live Mobile TV Apps For Android.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
Mobdro is one of the best live tv apps which offers live TV feature for free. this application also has support for movies download. Simplicity, beautiful UI and user-friendly is the reason for the popularity of the Mobdro App. Coupled with Thousands of TV channels from every part of the world, categorized by nitches. The best part is that Mobdro is an open source project which is why everything is available for free.

Live Net TV App is one of the well-known Live TV, with its vast channels including Sports, Movies and TV Show Streaming App for Android OS. The App boosts of at least 700+ channels from many countries that including UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries. supports live streaming even if there is large traffic to a stream by creating alternative links for it, with support for channel request by users

This is a popular .ive TV streaming application in the USA. Most watched channels are CNN US, CNN International, BBC and a lot more. mostly used to stream documentary and channels of information, USTVNOW bosts of great users community in the US, its also packed with a watch later features, You can also mark the channels you love the most so that you never dare to miss an update on it.

Startimes Tv is a standout among most of the mobile live tv apps out there, owned by a terrestrial tv provider with the startimes tv app you can stream live tv on the go for hours without data consciousness because the mobile tv app is optimized to use less data for its live streaming, The startimes mobile tv is popular in Africa and some part of Asia with more of the African channels, International news channels, and live sports channels, interesting user interface, etc, most of the ISPs in Africa has a special data pack for streaming the Startimes live tv.

Tvtap formally UKTVNOW is one of the best free mobile live tv apps for streaming live tv on the Go, with more of live sports channels for live football matches and events, the tv app has a good user interface and streaming background, you bet to enjoy your mobile live tv streaming on the Go.with an option to browse channels from 10 countries. and 9 different categories.

6. Hulu Tv
Hulu TV App is a genie of movies, TV, news, entertainment and a lot more. It is the next generation Television which has so much more to offer. It has more than 300+ TV channels ranging from regional, news, comedy, TV shows etc. The advantage of using Hulu over a traditional TV pack is that it doesn’t disturb you with those annoying ads that come in between you are your entertainment source. It also saves your cash which you pay every month to get your crazy TV recharged.

SPB TV is one of the oldest mobile tv app, available for Android, IOS, Symbian and Windows smartphones, spbtv is loaded with more of Europe news channels, and sports and live podcasts, with a good user interface you will fall in love with the live news from this app, it has a background play feature that allows you perform other activity on your smartphone while streaming the live tv.