It takes some time and effort for players to quickly make a large number of coins in the game. Similarly, it takes time for them to earn Coins in New World to do some fairly mundane tasks. Below I will briefly introduce the relevant content for you.

One way for players to earn coins in New World is through missions. Although faction missions themselves will not reward players with a lot of New World Coins, players will receive a considerable amount of tokens after completing each mission. After the player has deposited enough tokens, click the "Buy Rewards" button to open the Rewards Store while talking with their New World faction leader.

The local economy is constantly changing, so players should make as many Amazon New World Coins as possible. Please check resource prices at the trading station frequently, and then write down which resources are most suitable. Fortunately, players don’t even need to visit each town to find out the selling price of New World Coins resources, because the drop-down tab in the upper right corner of the trading station screen allows them to compare prices in different towns. In order to obtain the most ideal resources, players need to spend some time collecting items to improve their trading skills. They can check the New World leveling guide to learn how to do this effectively.

When players invest more time to upgrade these New World Coins, please pay attention to the trading posts in each town to see which resources sell for the highest price. At the beginning of each new world server, players will see that low-level items such as raw hides or iron ore sell for higher prices, while higher-level items such as Wyrdwood or precious metals sell for less.