Patio coolers are mostly great. But they have their downsides too. Here's a look at the pros and cons of Metal Cooler Cart.

No more bending: Patio coolers typically come with a rolling base that raises the cooler chest high enough that you don't have to bend when picking a drink. Big convenience for the elderly, those with back problems, and us lazy types.
Easy portability: Ever tried to lift and carry a full cooler chest, even a small one? Yeah, it's a pain. With a rolling patio cooler, you just push the cart wherever you want to be it on the patio, beside the pool, or to the backyard.
Easy drainage: Most patio coolers come with a drain plug at the bottom that makes it easy to get rid of melted water in the chest.
They look good: Cooler chests are great, but most are ugly. Patio coolers have the 'ugly' chest inside and use a more appealing finish on the outside, such as rattan (our favorite), wood, or plain metal. A patio cooler is essentially a part of your patio or garden furniture.

Reduced portability: With a conventional chest, you can quickly put it in the trunk of your car for picnics and camping trips. Patio coolers are harder to carry around because of the rolling base. But there are some with a detachable base; look for one of these if you want a patio cooler you can travel with.
Reduced insulation: Most patio coolers don't have as good insulation as conventional cooler chests. They keep ice frozen for less time, usually 1-3 days.
Pricier: You can get a good quality ice chest for well under $100. Most patio coolers, even smaller ones, start at $130 and can reach $500 for large premium cooler carts.

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