Path Of Exile is full of many complicated mechanisms. As players travel through Wraeclast, they will encounter damaged gems. If they see these unique POE Currency for the first time, they may be a little confused. Below we will unlock some basic information about the corrupted gems in Path Of Exile.

Corrupted gems are actually gems with modifiers. If the gem is damaged, the player will not be able to use the synthetic ball to further modify it, except for items that modify slots and slot links. Generally speaking, corrupted gems are better than uncorrupted gems.

Corrupted gems can be found when exploring the world, or you can create your own. For this, the player needs a Vaal Orb, which is a POE Currency ball that destroys items. The player can find it by killing the monster, destroying the container, or dropping it from the safe. Players use the Vaal Orb to Buy POE Currency . After the gem is damaged, the player cannot cancel the damage to it. This means that if the player intends to damage a frequently used gem, they should consider it carefully.

The main reason many people damage gems is to improve quality. Generally speaking, the upper limit of the quality of gemstones is 20%. As the quality of gems improves, the statistics of related skills will increase. To increase gems before corruption, players can use Gemcutter's Prisms, but they can only increase by up to 20%. This is where the Val Orb comes in handy. The above is part of the information about the corrupted gems in Path Of Exile. I will continue to update the relevant content later.