If you have very good memories of the generation of xbox 360, and you are an alpha skip ahead insider Then we have you very good news. We say this because it will be possible to return to your old gamepic that you had in xbox 360 but now at xbox one, xbox series x, and series. This function will be available first for program users previously mentioned, but eventually it will also come to the rest of us.

As it explains Eden Marie of Xbox , you must access the Change Gamerpic screen to do this. The option will only be available if you previously already had an gamepic of xbox 360, ie, you will not be able to access all the old images that were available on this console.

Hello everyone, I know that many of you were looking for a way to return to your old Gamerpic D Xbox 360.

If you are an Alpha Skip Ahead Insider, you may have to restart your console, but as of today you will find a new option on the Change Gamerpic screen .

HEY ALL, I KNOW A Bunch Of You Were Asking For A Way To Go Back To Your Xbox 360 Gamerpic. Exploration Time to the Rescue!

If you re an alpha skip ahead insider, you may need to reboot your console, but starting today you ll find new option in your change gamerpic screen. pic.twitter.com/ywijijr2he.

  • Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) September 21, 2021

Specifically, you can only access this function if a) still preserves the same account you were using in the xbox 360 and b) if you also read Xbox Live in this console. Are you going to recover the photo you had previously or do you prefer to stay with yours? Leave us your answer in the comments.

Via: Eden Marie