The FIFA 22 player ratings of the Chinese Super League have been announced, and the only Chinese FIFA 22 Coins nationals ranked in the top 20 of the league are the four naturalised footballers.

Due to the weakening of overall interest in the league, although Hulk, Paulinho, Alex Teixeira and Anderson Talisca have left China in the past year. But as high-profile foreigners, their ratings in FIFA 22 still dominate.

At the top of the CSL ratings is Shanghai Port’s Brazilian midfielder Oscar, with a total score of 82, leading Beijing Guoan’s DR Congo striker Cedric Bakambu with a total score of 80. Guangzhou FC forwards Elkeson and Goulart both scored 79 points. Shanghai Shenhua’s Juan Quintero and Guangzhou City’s Mousa also scored 79 points.

The combined scores of Dalian Pro’s Frank Acheampong and Shanghai Shenhua’s Giovani Moreno and Aaron Mooy are both 77 points, and the scores of Guangzhou FC’s A Lan and Shenzhen’s Alan Kardec are also 77 points. And according to reports, Kardec is undergoing naturalization procedures. This time, a total of 3 China internationals born in Brazil ranked in the top 10 of CSL scores. Their Guangzhou teammate Fei Nanduo ranked 11th among CSL players with a score of 76 points.

Wu Lei, with a total score of 75, is the only Chinese international to compete abroad.

He is the Chinese-born player with the highest score in FIFA 22 to be released on October 1. Some Chinese naturalized football players qualify for the competition because of their family ancestry. In addition, after meeting the residency requirements, all players born in Brazil are eligible to participate, and they have lived in China for at least 5 years.

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