As an auxiliary DPS role in Genshin Impact, Kujou Sara performed very well. So, what will happen if she compares it with other Electro users?

Genshin Impact added this playable 4-star character after the 2.1 version update. She and the Raiden Shogun existed as promotional roles in the first half of the update. Although she also has a banner, she is not a limited role like General Raiden. She will be added to the standard Genshin Impact Accounts pool later. As one of the newest Electro users in the game, Kujou Sara has a special talent compared to other Electro users.

Kujou Sara serves the Raiden Shogun, she is also known as the tengu warrior and a general of the Tenryou Commission. Her way of playing in Genshin Impact is to use bows and arrows to make long-range Electro attacks. She plays a major role in the team by causing AOE electric shock damage to surrounding enemies, and her talent can also provide support to allies.

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Sara is an auxiliary DPS character, so players may need to switch roles frequently in battle. Her ability can increase the attack power of active characters and increase their damage. Another talent she has is to charge allies so that the team can have a faster and more stable Elemental Burst uptime. Although she may not be the strongest in causing damage to the enemy, she can provide strong support for teammates. This alone can make her stand out from others.

Many electronic characters in Genshin Impact are composed of offensive or sub-DPS. Sara focuses on improving the performance of her teammates in combat. While providing help to her teammates, she can also cause damage to the enemy. It is worth noting that Kujou Sara is currently the only electronic character in the game that can provide allies with increased attack power. With the flexibility to adapt to almost any team, she has become a very reliable and rare character, which is why most players are willing to Buy Genshin Impact Accounts spend their efforts to build her.

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