Nintendo has confirmed in the Direct on Thursday, September 2021, that players will welcome the arrival of their favorite character, Brewster, in the game. Although there is not a lot of relevant information on all this, we can still discuss these contents in light of some of the information that has been published.

Nintendo provided a very vague early study of what may be a new space. Although the text is illegible, many Animal Crossing players immediately realized that this is Brewster who will open his coffee shop The Roost on the island.

If your first Animal Crossing series game is New Horizons, then you may not know who Brewster is. What is The Roost. Why are people so excited about its arrival? You can learn about this bird before Nintendo launches Animal Crossing Direct in October.

Since Brewster appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World in 2005, he has been a favorite among Animal Crossing NMT players. He also ran a coffee shop in various museums until New Leaf opened his own shop. Players can find him behind the counter. He always wears small round eyes and a beautiful vest with an apron. Brewster is a particularly cute pigeon. In addition, his passion for coffee in Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf is always the same.

Brewster is usually a little shy at first, but the more coffee you drink, the more you will know him and he will start to become more friendly. Sometimes, you will also find special drinks like pigeon milk.

Brewster also likes gyroids. In City Folk, players can store their collections in The Roost.

In New Leaf, Brewster's role has become more complicated. Although he still makes coffee there, players who become friends with him can choose to order takeaways and then find a part-time job at The Roost. So players can also make coffee for the villagers. Regular customers of Animal Crossing Items The Roost can also drink special coffee.

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