Global entertainment giants Disney After receiving the Taiwan , I release more news today, I will confirm that November 12 will be on the Asia-Pacific market, such as Taiwan, South Korea. As for Hong Kong, it will be in 11 Launched on the 16th!

On November 12th, this day will be global activities of Disney disney + day , in addition to the popular movie Shangqi and Ten Ring Legend in the stream platform In addition to the first broadcast, Jungle Quihang will be released, and the restart version of the 1990 classic movie Little Ghost is released Little Ghost: Sweet Home and other activities.

Disney + streaming content provides Disney, Pickers, Win, Star Wars , National Geography and STAR Six Brands of Popular Movies, Capaurants, August Disney Preview, Disney + video stream will be online WANDAVISION (Wanda (Loki) and Falcon and Cool Soldiers ; Star Wars has Mandalorian (THE Mandalorian) And Disney and Pixin s Soul (Soul); Secrets of the Whales; and Hamilton , etc.

However, in Taiwan, the original Taiwan Disney TV Channel Disney Channel Taiwan will terminate the operation on January 1, 2022, and the existing children s program will continue to be provided by Disney Stroke Service Disney +.

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Taiwan Disney Channel announced that the end of the end of the operation will be changed from Disney + to continue the audience next January 1st.