MyTeam Draft mode is a single player mode that allows players to embark on a team path from the beginning. Players will be arranged in the boss's seat, you can choose the position of each player and the coach of the team.

If you are an experienced 2K22 MT player in FIFA Draft mode, then this should be a breeze for you.

In Draft mode, players can select team members from the beginning and, over time, invest resources to develop the practices of these members. Players can choose two team members for each position, and then can choose three from the selection package. It is updated every Friday, and the players in the selected package will be rotated. In addition, add a team coach. Finally, MyTeam draft players should consist of 13 players plus a coach.

Then the task of this team is to start multiple games until it wins 10 games or loses 3 games. If the player wins more games, they will get the same number of Ascension Picks after the game is over, and they can also Buy 2K MT get a League Pack.

The above is some of the content of the MyTeam draft mode of NBA 2K22. I believe you will gain something after reading this information.

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