What is a screw barrel?

A Injection Molding Screw Barrel is one of the necessary parts of the plastic processing machinery. It is required ultimate for the plastic processing type of machinery. The production process cannot completed without using the screw barrels. The tool ensures the product smoothened and makes the output to be expected at the desired rate.

N2S technologies ensure the screw barrel designed in an efficient way that the product is suitable to screw by its inner and outer diameter. Screw barrel for injection moulding machine available in various diameter ranges of 26mm to 45mm molding machines.


The other industries such as a food processing machinery, cable wire machinery, and other small-scale industries.
A per the definition, the main purpose of the product is to make the production process smoothened and get the required output.

The material comprises of robust structure, excellent strength, and low maintenance ability.

The kit is highly durable and is available at standard and customizable model.

The product is being available at our premises at the best price in the industry. If your product repaired, you can fix the issues from our premises easily.

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